Goodbye Awful UI

One of the most obvious things that has changed in the last couple weeks is that I did away with the awful UI. It served a purpose, but it was time to go.

Here is the new improved placeholder UI.

The icon set right now is not final. These are all taken from the Icomoon icon font. The harvesting icon (spoon & fork) was the only icon that kind of sort of might be mistaken for an icon that could possibly indicate harvesting.

The action menu’s are set up so they can be dynamic and support child panels. Making these menu’s support a large number of items should be as easy as allowing them to scroll when they get too large.

Here is the new action menu (the red structure indicates you aren’t allowed to build it there. The visuals for placing structures need a little love)

Along with the UI changes I did a lot of work around placing structures. Previously you were able to place structures on top of each other, resources weren’t harvested before building a structure in a location, and the indicator for where a building was going to be placed looked horrible. These things are all taken care of now. There is proper collision detection to make sure you don’t overlap structures. When you place a structure you get a decent looking indicator for where it is going, and any items in the way of your structure will be flagged for harvesting and removal. Items that are going to be harvesting or removed also now get a visual indicator.

Next up is terraforming and ensuring you can only build on level terrain! And at some point I should probably make sure the generated resources don’t overlap the starting structures….

For those of you that are curious (and so I can be reminded later of how bad it was), here is the old UI.

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